RenShirts Original Sleeveless Starting at $35.00
Made of Premium 100% Cotton Muslin.   Pre-washed & dried.
They are lightweight and can be machine washed and dried
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Color Leather

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Example of MuslinTan Shirt


RenShirts Sleeveless-Colors - Starting at $38.00
These 100% cotton shirts come in a variety of colors. 
They have two eyelets at the neck.  Or you may specify "No Eyelets/No Ties."

Choice of Eyelets or No Eyelets
Color of Ties with Eyelets-  TYPE in Brown Leather, Black Leather or Tan Leather;  or  Black Cording, Brown Cording, Marron Cording, Red Cording, Gold Cording.

Alan Sanidad: It's about kali Filipino martial arts!!

Tan (Osnaburg)
Tan (Osnaburg) No Ties
These are Great Shirts - Tan (Osnaburg) Sleevless Shirt

Osnaburg looks like above

Red with ties
Look at these Colors

Crinkle Gauze Sleeveless - Starting at $38.00
This is an extremely lightweight shirt.  It is 100% Cotton and comes in
three colors.  They can be machine washed and dried and have been pre-shrunk.
Color of Cording Ties
Cream White Black
Hunter Green  
 Olive Green Brown
RenShirts.comRoyal Blue Aqua Coral Burgundy Purple Plum Tan Cream  

Example of Custom Orders: